ICS Livorno

Established in 1997, ICS LIVORNO follows in the footseps of its sister company ICS GENOVA, and being a certified AEO company it allows us to offer SERNAV’s range of services and quality in Tuscany’s major port.

The company is experiencing strong growth and thanks to the group’s more than 10 years’ know-how is capable of providing customized solutions to Tuscany’s entrepreneurs.


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Sergio Oggiano
Management Office
Simona Agostini
Administration Office - Tel. 0586 896086
Fabio Trivellini
Responsabile - Tel. 0586 896086
Alessia Sarsale
Operational Office - Tel. 0586 896086
Luca Trivellini
Operational Office - Tel. 0586 896086
Matteo Ficini
Operativo - Tel. 0586 896086

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    I.C.S. Livorno s.r.l.

    Via delle Cateratte 94/C
    57122 – Livorno
    Tel. (+39) 0586/896086
    Fax (+39) 0586/895891

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