Experience is our key

Relying on 16 competent, and constantly up-to-date customs brokers, we provide high-level consultancy, support and know-how concerning Customs decisions, AEO, bonded warehouses, and tax deposits and we lead larger and smaller operators through the classification of goods.


Efficiency, professionalism e informations exchange

Our core business focuses on customs operations, as proven by the tens of thousands of operations we carry out every year.

We take care of any kind of customs documentation, guiding you through the analysis of trade documents, the classification of goods and the arrangement of the Declaration.

Your customs operations will be processed rapidly, supported by efficiency and professionalism, as well as information exchange. Our sophisticated computer system will allow you to track the progress of your customs operations on our portal, where you’ll always find a copy of your Customs Bill of Entry, documentation, invoices, customs inspections and any other piece of information regarding a specific shipment, as well.

We also interface the computer systems to transfer any piece of information you may need on your systems in real time.

A full-range service

With our team’s support and SERNAV’s integrated activities, we provide the complete handling of goods, on their way from the vessel to the company and vice versa, by performing customs operations, container filling and emptying activities, groupage handling, warehousing, logistics and transport.

Our group is a 3PL logistics provider that delivers each and every service included in the supply chain, from warehousing to transport. With our own means of transport and in our own areas, we pride ourselves in ensuring service quality and efficiency thanks to consolidated procedures, modern and functional infrastructures, and an advanced computer system.

Warehousing, storage, preparation of the loading plan, packaging and lashing are among the many services we provide, while always focusing on the nature of the goods we are entrusted with, and the kind of transport requested.



Professionalism and experience

We assist the largest liner shipping companies, as well as tramp vessels, with goods traffic and passenger transport in Italy’s major ports.

Our dedicated team will take care of all your needs, from organizing loading and unloading operations, both for conventional and containerized goods or Ro-Ro, to assisting the travelling staff and completing your ship documentation.


Reliability and customized solutions

We face the ground transport industry with customized services, customer support, renewed fleet, on-time delivery, and safety.

Our experienced and professional team, reliable travelling staff and customized solutions are what makes Sernav Trasporti a feather in our cap.

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